Far Away – Warner Music

Documentary – 35′

Produced by Warner Music

Filmed, directed and edited by Luca Cèpparo

Drone: Veronica Pachulski

Far Away tells the story of Italian award-winning composer and sax player Emanuele Cisi new album. The idea was to record an entire album on a sailboat. Due to bad weather, some songs were recorded while sailing and the rest of the album was recorded in a Tuscan Villa.

Featuring Italian actor Filippo Timi, guitarist Eleonora Strino, bassist Marco Micheli and drummer Enzo Zirilli,  the documentary shows the making of the album.

Emanuele Cisi – Sax

Filippo Timi – Voice

Eleonora Strino – Guitar

Marco Micheli – Bass

Enzo Zirilli – Drums

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