March 2023

No End Of – Falling from the sky

Falling from the sky is the first studio album by post rock English band No End Of, released by Graces Records label on 14 April 1998.

The album, recorded in different studios in London and Liverpool, was written mostly by guitarist Damon Hopper and.

“Companions of Apollo”, the first single of the album, reached number one in Japan, Sweden, Finland and Iceland.

I shoot photos and create imaginary covers, artists and album titles, with some short imaginary stories behind them.

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Imaginary Covers – No End Of

Ezra Collective

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Listening to: Ezra Collective

© photo: Luca Cèpparo

Toudgha El-Oulia, Morocco

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Legendary skaters Tas and Ben Pappas share an intense bond that not only propels them to the pinnacle of their sport, but also proves their undoing in this tragic story of Shakespearian proportions.

Director: Eddie Martin

Year: 2014

IMDB rating: 7,8

A Must Watch Documentary – All This Mayhem Read More »

A Must Watch Documentary – All This Mayhem

Yazmin Lacey – “Voice Notes”

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Listening to: Yazmin Lacey

Milan, Italy – April 23rd 2007 – Wayne Shorter live at Teatro Manzoni

Wayne Shorter – August 25th 1933 – March 2nd 2023

© photo: Luca Cèpparo

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Wayne Shorter

The End is an experimental narrative short film edited & directed by Fabrice Mathieu, in black & white and color, made only with movies gifs with a perfect loop, more than 500.

“The End” is also a tribute to the cinema, from silent films to now.

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The End

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