Gian Paolo Barbieri al cinema

Dal 3 Luglio 2023 Gian Paolo Barbieri, l’uomo e la bellezza

Distribuzione Wanted Cinema

Produced by Moovie

Written by Federica Masin & Emiliano Scatarzi

Director: Emiliano Scatarzi

Assistant director and camera operator: Luca Cèpparo

DOP: Emiliano Scatarzi, Federico Teoldi

Editing: Sara Ronchi

Color: Stefano Barozzi

Sound design & mix: Tommy Barbaro

Music by Cesare Picco

Cinema Distribution: Wanted Cinema

In collaboration with Fondazione Gian Paolo Barbieri

Sponsored by Leica Camera


– Italian cinemas (Bologna and Milan)

– Biografilm Festival (Bologna, Italy)

Audience Award Winner

– Master of Art Film Festival (Sofia, Bulgaria)

Best Debut Documentary

– Festival International Du Film Sur L’Art (Montreal, Canada)

Best documentary in photography category


The life of Gian Paolo Barbieri, from his beginnings in Rome, passing through Cinecittà and Paris, up to his consecration. Barbieri has defined, with his photographs, the most important decades of Italian fashion. Constantly inspired by life, Barbieri brings back to us the cultural references of art, theater and cinema from which he took life, light and dimension. Although afflicted by an incurable disease, today Barbieri continues his creative path, even more inspired. A portrait between past and present, the story of a man moved by passion, studded with infinite photographic shots of incomparable artistic value, always aimed at the pursuit of beauty.

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