Cabana Films – Galerie Kugel, Paris

Step inside one of the most remarkable galleries in Paris.

Housing an extraordinary collection of fine art and antiques, Galerie Kugel – established in 1958 by renowned art dealer, Jacques Kugel – resides within Hôtel Collot, an hôtel particulier on Paris’ Left Bank.

The vast, beautiful building provides a gallery space as unique and photogenic as the museum-worthy collection contained within.

The gallery is still run by the Kugel Family: brothers Nicolas and Alexis Kugel, who represent the fifth generation of a family of art dealers, and Laura Kugel, who represents the sixth generation.

A mesmerising tour through collected beauty at its most refined.

Cabana Magazine is a biannual interiors and decorative arts publication, exploring the intimate relationship each person has with interiors.

Produced by Cabana FILMS.


Direction, camera and editing: Luca Cèpparo

Audio: Louis Gallet

Location: Paris, France

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